Don’t drink the water or you’ll grow three heads

And if you don’t end up with three heads sticking out of your neck, then maybe you’ll suffer from a belly full of bloodsucking worms. The travel health warnings about many places in Africa can sound downright scary. You may have heard stories of people shivering in cold sweat and vomiting after eating at aContinue reading “Don’t drink the water or you’ll grow three heads”

Attitude of gratitude: stories I covered in 2020

2020 was a very tough time for journalists around the world, specifically for independents and creatives like myself. I was able to get reporting gigs, but they were very few. Anyhow, I’m a believer in living in an attitude of gratitude. So I’m using this space to share  some of the stories that I covered last year.

Do they even speak English in Africa?

Someone asked me this again. A few months ago, during one of my trips back home to Atlanta, an American woman who had told me that she was interested in visiting Africa for the very first time – specifically contemplating Ghana – asked me, “do they speak English there?” I calmly told her yes, theyContinue reading “Do they even speak English in Africa?”